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Hi there! I'm Jose.

I just graduated from Stanford, where I studied computer science and math. I blur the divide between computer systems, algorithms, and artificial intelligence. I love learning the narrative of discovery in these fields, because insights come from deep understanding. For fun, I love fixing and riding bikes. I love writing code, designing modules, solving problems, and teaching math.

Recently, I've been focusing on computer systems — from compilers to operating systems, and all the details in between. At the end of summer, I'll be starting full-time at Airbnb in San Francisco (woohoo!), and I plan doing infrastructure related work.

More about me and my work.

Resume // pdf

I've interned at Facebook twice — first in Menlo Park and last in New York. At MPK, I redesigned and optimized the grammar query pipeline (graph search) on the Search NLP team. Last summer, at NYC, I added a multi-regional cache to a Messenger data service on the Messenger Infrastructure team. If you'd like to get in touch, email me at josehdz at cs dot stanford dot edu.

GitHub // hernandezjose

I am the king of private repos, but this year many more projects will see the light of day. First, with faculty consent, I will be publishing my python script used to test my COOL compiler, written for Stanford's Compiler class last year. It fuzz tested the lexer, and auto-generated COOL code to test the parser and semantic-analyzer.

Stanford Infolab // [modest undergrad]

I had the opportunity to research on a team in the Stanford Infolab. The long-term goal is to auto-generate studyguides for MOOCs. We focused on developing a method for extracting keywords from video lectures, which would be used for a studyguide. Check out our (recently submitted) research paper.

Stanford Splash // [teaching profile]

Here is my teaching profile for Stanford Spash (education for students by students). I have taught classes in game theory, bike repair, California housing history (Proposition 13), and origami. My favorite has been game theory — I'm excited to iterate and improve it! Kawasaki rose by following this diagram. Looking forward to teach more classes next year.

Medium // @josehdz

Elevating the mental grub in the world.

LinkedIn // josehdz

My professional profile.

until next time!